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[ 12.02.2015 ] - 15 MARZO 2015 Alla scoperta delle Perle architettoniche della Valpantena - giro turistico in storiche
DOMENICA 15 MARZO si riparte !!! L'allegra carovana di mezzi storici di Benaco Auto Classiche si
[ 20.01.2015 ] - Martedì 24 Febbraio 2015 a Bardolino all'Hotel Kriss Danilo Castellarin presenta " CORSE RUVIDE"
Tornano gli appuntamenti culturali di Benaco Auto Classiche con una conferenza dove avremo modo di v
[ 07.01.2015 ] - Befana del Vigile in Piazza Bra a tradizione continua
Il 6 Gennaio 2015 e' iniziata come tradizione l'attività del motorismo storico in Verona con la part
Welcome to our site

It is an Association founded in July 2005 from a group of people with a passion for motors, for our traditions and for the values that the historical vehicles instill into the citizens of all the ages.


With BENACO AUTO CLASSICHE we want to make known values close to our tradition and to promote the territory and the outsyanding aspects of our community.


Therefore we decided to aim to the exploitation of our benacense territory with appointments and manifestations of call and cultural interest that can tow events of great importance too. The articles of association state that can be enrolled who is keen on cars and bikes of historical interest and also on sail or motor boats with the same characteristics.



Our associates moreover participate to competitions of amateur character (gatherings) to contests of regularity and to official contests (Italian Champ., European Champ., international contests) with calendars that we will communicate time to time through these pages.